Troop 903 Steps Up to Help a Veteran

My supervisor Senior Fire Inspector Roy Rodriguez knows of my involvement with scouts and asked me a little over a year ago if Troop 903 was interested in service hours. I told him that our scouts are always ready to help and provide cheerful service.

As a Senior Fire Inspector Mr. Rodriguez must answer complaint calls from concerned citizens. He addressed one of those calls from Mr. Constantine about a fire lane that was consistently being blocked at his apartment complex. The complaint turned out to be valid, addressed, and corrected. Believe it or not, some complaints turn out to be bogus!
Mr. Constantine is a paraplegic and has stayed in contact with Mr. Rodriguez for the past year or so.  He has one daughter who lives out of town and is a lonely man.  (Here is where the story gets good).

An opportunity has been made available to Mr. Constantine to participate in a clinical trial in San Diego that could possibly reverse his paralysis!  He needs help packing his moving truck, and his daughter is going to fly to Henderson and drive it to San Diego.
I was approached to enlist the Troop to help load Mr. Constantine and possibly coordinate a troop in San Diego to unload for him. Challenge accepted!

Unfortunately, the moving date that Mr. Constantine is requested, conflicted  with the Troop’s schedule as the Troop is leaving for Geronimo that morning, and I will be out of town.  I placed a call to the Scoutmaster of Troop 95 to see if his guys were available. They too were unavailable. It did not look like we were going to be able to assist Mr. Constantine.

I called Mr. LaBombard and explained the situation and he rallied some older scouts from 903 who are not attending camp to assist with the move. He also said that he would contact the Council in San Diego to arrange for help with the unloading for Mr. Constantine. This lonely Air Force veteran is going to be taken care of!  He is very grateful.

Thank you for answering the call to service Mr. LaBombard and members of 903/ Crew 309!  Thank you for being a blessing to someone who can not repay.  Thank you for being available to “Do a good turn daily!”

We all belong to the best Troop in Nevada!
We are 903!

Best regards,
Jack Coffey

Troop 903 Red Cliffs Day Trip

April 18th, 2015

We had the vehicles ready at 5:30 and the scouts had lined up to receive their permission slips. We entered the vehicles and we traveled to the day trip site less than forty miles. We arrived at 6:30 and the supplies trailer had to be unloaded for our patrols to do the cooking. We had difficulties since scout patrols didn’t do any patrol cooking in awhile. It took us awhile to have everything be settled and we began to cook breakfast at 7:10.

A lot of dry goods that had to be used were crawling with insects and had to be tossed out along with disposal due to end dates. None of that was going to stop us since our food buyers had extras and we were prepared. A lot of patrols served pancakes and bacon while the senior scout patrol included scrambled eggs. Dynamite patrol included failed eggs and sausage while Flaming Arrows provided eggs as well. The ASM’s within Wild Cards patrol had prepared hash browns and egg sausage burritos in Dutch ovens.

Breakfast was satisfying and we needed to clean out the cooking equipment at 7:55. Everyone was finished at 8:10 and we were about to hit the trail to do climbing and repelling. Mr. Lustig provided a gear demonstration for those who applied for the merit badge and we hiked on at 8:58. Adrian Robles unfortunately became ill had to return to the day site to hopefully recover and we needed to proceeded on. We continued up the trail and did a hydration break for a few minutes.

We hiked up and downhill to rest up to continue. We observed nearby rock structures and fields of desert brush. We hiked to a dead end to rest up and split up into patrols since we were near the cliffs where climbing and repelling were located. A few patrols decided to stay while others decided to return to the day site. Those who returned to the day site had lunch and waited for the next patrol to return so that the next wave of boys can attend to climbing and repelling.

A lot of patrols had sandwiches while the senior scout patrol had chili dogs for lunch. Lunch ended at 12:22 and we had to wait for the last patrol to return from climbing and repelling. The Flaming Arrows were attending to daily classes to achieve their Totin’ Chip while we still had to wait for the last patrol to return. A lot of boys achieved Totin’ Chip and the ASM’s had to finish the final wave of boys to complete climbing and repelling. A lot of boys had to be signed off their requirements and we decided to head out on a short hike that is nearby to kill some time.

The boys had to hike less than one mile to reach a creek filled with water to splash around in. The boys had returned from climbing and repelling after the others had departed from the day site and we had to begin cooking dinner at 4:00. The boys returned from the hike to prepare dinner at 4:30 and they got down to cooking. The senior scouts cooked burritos and Blazing Eagles prepared Mac N’ Cheese. The Dynamite patrol prepared spaghetti with meatballs and the Jolly Rogers prepared Mac N’ Cheese as well.

The Flaming Arrows have prepared tacos and the ASM’s within Wild Cards had prepared chicken enchilada burritos. Everyone had a satisfying dinner and the equipment had to be washed out at 5:00. Dishes were washed and the trailer was loaded at 5:40. We had the day site cleared at 6:20 and we did a Leave No Trace inspection before we left. We returned to 24 Hour Fitness Center at 7:05 and everyone enjoyed the day trip.

Unfortunately, we planned this event to be a two night camping trip and our ASM’s tried to select a good campground. Every inch of the area was populated with hundreds of campers and we couldn’t reserved a single campground. We weren’t going to give up and we had a backup plan to settle this issue. We thank Mr. Lustig for planning this trip and our previous troop 903 Eagle Scouts for being supportive. We will hopefully have better luck in Troop 903 and we can make it better for our future of scouting.

By: Anthony Marra

Troop 903 Valley of Fire campout

March 14th-15th, 2015

We has the trailers deployed within the parking lot of the church and we had to load the packs after 6:45am. The Flaming Arrows were attending to their first campout and we wanted to have training to be ready. We departed at 7:30 to hit the road and we needed to be on schedule without stopping at any nearby convenience store/restaurants for a meal. We traveled from desert plains to mountain trails until we reached the campsite at 8:30 AM. We had difficulty for parking and the remaining drivers needed to be patient for a while.


We travelled more than 40 miles and we were right on schedule. The younger scouts learned the firemen line session after we unloaded the trailer. The ASM’s warned us not to do any repelling on the large rock formations and we were settled. We had four stations prepared for the scouts and the senior scouts had to provide sessions. We provided First-Aid, Outdoor class, Safe hiking, and knots.


It took us a while to have stations be settled and the younger scouts had a lot to learn. Knots and First-Aid was located within the picnic area. Outdoor class was located near the flagpoles and Safe hiking was located near the large rock formations. The younger scouts have learned a lot and they had to memorize the details. The scouts had to be reviewed by the ASM’s that were nearby to observe and they knew that we did our best to have them be prepared.


We had lunch after the younger scouts had visited three out of four stations since we were filled with hunger. Lunch was finished and we had to pitch up our tents. We had to select a wide brush plain near the rock structures to claim as camp. Everyone was settled and the younger scouts had to attend to their final stations. The scouts were completed with their final station and Mr. Cortney decided that we should visit the historical site of the prehistoric Native Americans petroglyphs.


We viewed the carvings on the large rocks from a nearby stairway and went further on ground level to a different location for a one mile hike. We saw more petroglyphs along the sandy trail on some nearby rocks and we discovered a water hole within the canyon as well. We even decided to enter a few caverns with a viewing window until we were losing daylight. We hiked back to the vihicles to return to camp and everyone was exhausted. While the ASM’s were resting/preparing dinner; the boys were using patrol flags fo the game of Capture the Flag that was located near the large rock formation.


The boys were having lots of fun until dinner was ready and the game becoming very violent/dangerous. We had Sloppy Joes and Mac N’ Cheese placed on our mess kits along with the side dish of salad for an enjoyable meal. After supper, we were gathered near the fire pit for a comedy night. The scouts had riddles along with jokes that were very humorous and we topped it all off with three birthdays to be celebrated. Mr. Labombard has turned forty-eight on March 13th and Garret Cox has turned eleven on March 14th.


Anthony Marra has become seventeen on March 12th and we handed out cupcakes to the boys. Everyone munched down on the cupcakes and Mr. Cortney decided to let us play the troop game of Zorch before we had to hit the tents for the night. We played a few rounds and we had to hit the sleeping bags at 9:00. The scouts had awakened at 8:00 and breakfast was prepared. Pancakes and bacon were served on our mess kits so we can get the day started.


Mr. Cortney congratulated the trainers that had taught the younger scouts and we had to sadly depart from camp by dismantling the tents. We did a Leave no Trace inspection after camp was dismantled and the area was clear. We left the back country at 11:00 and we arrived near the entrance of 24 Hour Fitness Center at 12:00. Everyone enjoyed the campout and it’s all thanks to Mr. Labombard for planning the trip. The Flaming Arrows are now a scout patrol of Troop 903 and we hope it will be a successful future for them within our Troop.


By: Anthony Marra, Troop Historian

Upcoming Merit Badge Events!

Upcoming merit badge events listed below:

Saturday, October 25th
Troop 576 Fall Merit Badge Event in North Las Vegas
Over 15 merit badges and Trail to First Class offered!!!
Please register before 10/10.
For more information, see attached flyer and registration page.

Thursday, November 13th evening
Free!!! Medicine Merit Badge offered by Spring Mtn. District.
See attached flyer for registration information.

Save the Date: Saturday, January 24, 2015
ScoutQuest at Springs Preserve.
Registration information will be posted at in the near future.

Thank you for your continued support!!
YIS, Bramby

Medicine Flyer11.13.14



Hi all,We will be conducting signups for our October 11-12 Canoe trip. Please bring the attache perm. slip and $20.00 cash for Scouts and $10.00 for adults. This trip requires all Scouts to have Canoe Merit Badge and be a blue swimmer to participate. Scouts will bring their own backpacking food and dry bags are strongly encouraged. We will discuss packing etc. at this weeks meeting.

Ed Cortney

Canoe Trip 2014.1.docx

Scout Stuff

Scouts and Parents,
Our November backpacking trip went pretty well considering all the weather obstacles. They had to deviate from their original plan and ended up doing a Philmont prep hike instead of spending the night. They were able to backpack 5.5 miles on Saturday. They were able filter their water and see how that works, as well as cook with their backpacking stoves. After Dave, Rob, and the other adults on the trip assessed the situation for camping they decided 20-25 degree weather was a little to cold for the equipment of some of the Scouts. Mr Nixon expressed they should all be proud of what they accomplished in braving the weather and going as far as they did. I would like to Thank Rob Nixon for heading up this trip and doing a fantastic job of getting everyone prepared in such a short time before this trip. Without the sudden change in weather there is no doubt they would have reached their goal. Well done! Scouting for Food was a huge success again this year. I would like to thank all the Scouts and adults that came to help. I would also like to give a special thanks to Matt Burns who headed this up as well as Michael Burns our SPL. They were there all day and did a tremendous job of planning and coordinating our efforts. Great job! If you did not receive your Scouting for Food patch on Saturday then you will receive at our next meeting. There will be no meeting this week and I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving Holiday. Below is a schedule of upcoming events to close out the year with more details to come on those at a soon.

November 28 – Troop meeting ( Laser Tag Sign Ups)

December 5 – Troop meeting ( Gift exchange)

December 7 – Laser Tag

Yours in Scouting,
Ed Cortney